Frankenstein's Punch

How to make

  1. Drain the lychees and reserve the juice. Stuff the lychees with 1 grape each. Divide the lychee ‘eyeballs’ between 6 tumblers or glasses of your choosing.

  2. Pour the reserved lychee juice in a large container with the ginger ale and limeade/lemonade. Stir in enough food coloring to turn the punch a spooky green. Pour it in the glasses with the ‘eyeballs’ just before serving.

The zip of ginger ale combined with tangy limeade and scary monster eyeballs makes this spooky punch a great Halloween party refreshment that will scare up some smiles with your guests this Halloween. 


  • 1- 3/4 lb. lychees in syrup

  • 9 purple/black grapes

  • 9 green grapes

  • 1 ltr. ginger ale

  • 1 ltr. limeade or lemonade

  • green food coloring gel

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