Ordering and Club Info

PLEASE read EVERYTHING on this page BEFORE you make your purchase!


Starter Pack.....           $75

Big Mouse Pack.....      $75

Movie Pack....           $100

Dance Party Pack.....   $100

Classics Pack.....         $100

Fright Night Pack.....   $100

Custom Intermission.. $50

ANY 20 animations.......  $199* (our BEST deal!)

A la Carte.....

1-2 animations..... $30 each
3-4 animations..... $25 each, PLUS get our Basic "intermission" FREE!
5+ animations...... $20 each, PLUS get our Basic "intermission" FREE!

​*$199 price applies to currently available animations at time of purchase ONLY, and cannot be applied to future releases or future purchases.  To get special pricing for $199 Deal and/or Combo Packs, animations must be purchased together in ONE transaction.


Because we cannot sell our animations with the songs already in them, there's a few simple steps you need to follow....

  • You MUST email us a copy of the MP3 that goes to the animation you are purchasing from our website.  Email a copy of the MP3(s) to info@TheSingingPumpkin.com.  (We DO NOT accept links to Amazon or iTunes.)  We will then edit the audio into the animation for you as a FREE service.  If necessary, links to purchase and download the correct MP3s are provided on each animation's page.

  • Payment is made via PayPal by selecting the option wanted and clicking the "Buy Now" button above.  Then enter the total dollar amount for the animations you are purchasing.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make your payment. (Do NOT worry about changing the quantity.)

  • Once payment AND all MP3s are received, we will e-mail you the link(s) to download the animations within 24 hours!

  • Only the animations found on our website are available.  If we don't have it, it's not available to order.

  • Please DO NOT ASK to have us send the animations to you so you can edit the audio in yourself.  Because we have edited many of the songs for time and content, if you try to sync the songs yourself, it won't work properly.  We want you to have a 100% PERFECT product from us.


  • NO REFUNDS once animations are delivered.

If you have ANY questions, or if you wish to make a purchase, email us at info@TheSingingPumpkin.com OR join our Facebook page and send us a message there!




  • Each animation purchased is worth 1 point.

  • For every friend you refer who makes a purchase, you will get 2 points just for referring them!

  • Once you buy 10 animations (or accumulate 10 points), you will be locked in at the $20 price for ALL future purchases! SWEET!!

  • For every 5 points OVER your first 10 points accumulated, you will get 1 FREE animation! (Free animations do NOT count for points)


  • Signing up is FREE!  There are NO membership fees!

  • With your first purchase, you will receive your own EXCLUSIVE member number which you must use when making future purchases, so you can get the points you've earned.

  • When you refer your friends, they MUST give us YOUR member number when they make a purchase or you won't get the points you earned! So, if you want those FREE animations, introduce your friends to the idea of having some AWESOME animations in their Halloween display this year! The more friends of yours that make a purchase, the faster your points will add up!


So there you have it!  We look forward to having

you all join the club very soon!

Happy Haunting!


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