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About Us


My name is John, I'm from Utah and I've been producing Halloween animations on my own since 2010.  I'm married with 3 kids, and am a self-taught animator.  I LOVE entertaining and bringing joy to people, and have been doing just that ever since High School.

While on vacation with my family to Disneyland in 2009 during the Halloween season, we saw the "Halloween Screams" firework show and instantly I decided I wanted to create it at my house.  Upon returning home, I started researching animation software that could replicate what I saw.  Having been a former web animator, learning the program wasn't very hard for me despite the very steep learning curve.

ME and arch.jpg

Me with my Jack-o-Lantern Arch I built in 2010.  You may have seen pictures of my arch floating around the internet.  BTW, it does a light show too!

After a few months of late nights, I offered my services of creating Halloween animations.  In mid 2010, a request came to make a Singing Pumpkins Effect to "Blue Moon".  I followed that up in 2011 with the ever-popular "This is Halloween" and a few others.  They were received with great fanfare, and quickly became a "must-have" decoration for Halloween decorators from the UK, Germany, and France, to Australia and Japan, to South America, Canada, and all over the United States.  You may have even seen our animations at amusement parks like Cedar Point, Sea World, Winchester Mystery House, Adventure Wonderland UK, and Knoebels, just to name a few. website was launched by me under my parent company, Titan Digital Entertainment, in 2014 with just 9 Singing Pumpkins Effects and 10 Wall Animations.  Each year since we have added 3-4 animations to the selection, including some Singing Snowmen Effects.  We retired our Wall Animations in 2019, and now sell Singing Pumpkins and Singing Snowmen Effects exclusively.  With 30 Singing Pumpkins Effects and counting, we have the LARGEST and most entertaining selection of Singing Pumpkins anywhere!

Thanks for letting me tell my story, and THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to entertain you for so many years!  The joy and entertainment you get from what I create is what keeps me going.  And I hope to entertain you for MANY years to come!

Happy Haunting!


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