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REALLY impress your guests this Halloween with our "Custom Intermission".  Use it as a fun break between songs, or after a block of songs.  Unlike our Basic 1-minute "Intermission", this 2-minute animation can be customized with either your name, your home haunt name, or a simple Halloween greeting.  The custom text will show up four times throughout the video.

When ordering, please email us with the wording you would like to have included in the animation.  There will be 4 places the text will show up.  You can have the same text all 4 times, or 4 different messages.  Three lines of text are available. (see video for examples)


Once we have worked out the details of the text you want in the animation, please use the PayPal link on the Ordering and Club Info page to send your payment.  Once payment is made, we will begin work on your Custom Intermission!   

Orders MUST be received BEFORE July 31.



PRICE:  $50   *NOT eligible for bulk discounts


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