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Individual Singing Pumpkin Effects

With 30 animations and growing, we have the largest selection of Singing Pumpkins Animations available anywhere!

Project these animations onto uncarved pumpkins and instantly become the COOLEST house on the block!  All you need to achieve the effect is a video projector, a multimedia player or computer, some speakers, and 3 uncarved pumpkins.  Set-up is so simple, you'll have pumpkins singing your favorite Halloween songs in no time!

NEW for 2023!


Watch as our Singing Pumpkins transform and perform the classic song that introduced the world to the Chipmunk voices!


Beware of the Sanderson sisters and their spell!  They just may have you singing and dancing to their song in this fun Singing Pumpkins animation!


The Purple People Eater has landed and wants to rock-n-roll!  Get into the groove with this classic goofy song.  You'll be dancing before you know it!


Everyone's favorite witches are back to spook up some fun on your Singing Pumpkins display!  BEWARE!  You just might find yourself singing along!


Make your home look like it's filled with the citizens of your favorite spooky town!  Such a FUN projection!

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MORE Singing Pumpkins


The unofficial theme song for Halloween is perfectly realize with this Singing Pumpkins Effect.  There's a couple guest appearances in it, too!


Queen's wildly popular rock epic is tastefully reimagined and performed by our Singing Pumpkins.  This is the longest and most entertaining Singing Pumpkins Effect we have done to date.  And, YES, there is head-banging!


Grim Grinning Ghosts - Singing Pumpkins

They've come out to socialize!  The classic Haunted Mansion song is EXPERTLY brought to life as a Singing Pumpkins Effect!  It even has the exit song at the end!


CCR's classic from the horror movie "American Werewolf in London" comes alive with the help of our world-famous Singing Pumpkins!

image 3.jpg

Skully comes out of retirement to perform one of the most fun and silly kid-friendly Halloween songs!  Watch the kids get their wiggles out with this one.


Get your Singing Pumpkins to sing the song made popular by the Hogwarts' choir, and watch your visitors start singing along!


Metallica's scariest song comes to haunt your dreams.  Hope you don't have a hard time sleeping after watching this one!


One of the most requested songs is FINALLY brought to life with the help of our Singing Pumpkins.  Relive a Halloween classic with the help of the Sanderson Sisters.


A true ghostly classic western song by the Sons of the Pioneers.  This is easily one of the oldest and most well-known songs we have had the Singing Pumpkins perform to.

This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

Add some fun to your Singing Pumpkins display with these silly jokes!  Watch as the Pumpkins tell jokes, banter back and forth, and even talk to your guests!  Your display isn't complete without this collection of goofiness!

Jack Jokes vol 2b.jpg

Add MORE fun to your Singing Pumpkins display with our second volume of silly jokes and fun interaction!  Your display isn't complete without this collection of goofiness!


This is the CRAZIEST Singing Pumpkins Animation we have done yet! This classic goofy song from the 1960's definitely has a Halloween feel to it.  Add it to your playlist, or they'll take YOU to the funny farm!


Spooky temp.jpg

Watch as Johnny battles the Devil in a fiddlin' duel in this classic song by The Charlie Daniels Band.


A fun and friendly spooky song for our Singing Pumpkins to perform for kids of ALL ages!  It's so catchy, you'll find yourself singing it when you least expect it!

Get your sheep suit on!  This song by 999 is GREAT for Halloween!  Kinda funny, and a tiny bit scary.




Rock out with our Singing Pumpkins as they perform one of the most head-bangin' rock songs by AC/DC.  This one will definitely liven up the crowd!



Relive one of TV's GREATEST moments with this revitalized CLASSIC movie theme song.  Performed by some very special guests.  Will they be able to escape the dark force?  Will you be able to resist singing along?


This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

This Singing Pumpkins Effect to the classic rock song by Warren Zevon features a cool kenetic typographic effect.  Watch the words appear as our Pumpkins sing the song!


This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

From the cult classic "Beetlejuice", comes the memorable song that is sure to have everyone shaking right along. This is one party of a song!  Wait until you see the grand finale!

This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

Join in with our Singing Pumpkins as they sing Harry Belafonte's song featured in one of the funniest scenes from the movie "Beetlejuice"!  Just don't say his name three times!


Blue Moon - Singing Pumpkins

This is one of our more popular Singing Pumpkins Effects.  A classic Do-Wop song, just right for Halloween!

This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

Let's do the Time Warp, again!  The greatest song from the cult classic movie, "Rocky Horror Picture Show", is now the COOLEST Singing Pumpkins Effect available!  They even do their version of the Time Warp dance!


This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

Ever get that feeling someone is watching you?  This 80's classic by Rockwell, features Michael Jackson singing the chorus.  You'll love how these Singing Pumpkins bring this song to life.


This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

Sing along with the theme song of the CLASSIC TV show, "The Addams Family".  This will definitely bring back some fun memories!

This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

"Leave your body and soul at the door!"  Rock out to our Singing Pumpkins performing Oingo Boingo's classic 80's hit!


This is Halloween - Singing Pumpkins

The Groovebarbers, made up of three ex-Rockapella members, perform this fantastically CATCHY a cappella version of an old classic.  Destined to become one of the most popular Halloween songs this holiday!

Ghostbusters - Singing Pumpkins

What's Halloween without some Ghostbusters music?  This one is sure to get the kids singing along!  Who ya gonna call?

Sexy and I Know It - Singing Pumpkins

They did the Monster Mash!  Bobby "Boris" Pickett's hit is now a Singing Pumpkins Animation!  Your trick-or-treaters are going to LOVE doing the Monster Mash with Boris and the gang!

Thriller - Singing Pumpkins

You asked for it!  Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is performed by our AWESOME Singing Pumpkins!  Plus, they do some of the choreography from the music video!

Yo Ho Yo Ho - Singing Pumpkins

Got a pirate theme for your Halloween display?  Top it off with some swashbuckling fun!

Nightmare on My Street - Singing Pumpkins

The Fresh Prince meets Freddy Kruger!  This hilarious Singing Pumpkin Effect to the 80's song by Will Smith will keep them coming back!

Sexy and I Know It - Singing Pumpkins

The Haunted Mansion's "Ghost Host" has materialized and is waiting to follow you home!  Everyone's favorite spooky narration comes alive with this FANTASTIC effect!

Sexy and I Know It - Singing Pumpkins

The comical "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO has been MASTERFULLY covered by Noah Guthrie, and perfectly animated by us!

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